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Thank you for your interest in Harwood Performance 
Engineering.  For the past 9 years, we have specialized
in the design and construction of custom high-
performance Ford vehicles, including our supercharged 
V8 Ranger Splash, fondly referred to as FrankenRanger.

We've also branched out into restoration. Check out
our New Projects section for details on Matt's newest
project, a 1941 Buick. Being used to hot-rods, race
cars, superchargers and fuel-injection, this project
will offer an entirely different set of challenges.

Our conversion manual continues to be a great seller,
especially the downloadable versions. However, we have
discontinued the printed manuals
due to the rising costs
of printing and binding and lack of interest. You can see all
the details on the Manual page.

As always, you can contact us via E-mail at:

(have you checked out our FAQ yet--your answer might be there).

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HARWOOD INDUSTRIES (manufacturer of fiberglass hoods, fuel cells, etc.)

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