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What's up with this banner thing?

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Yeah, there's a banner up at the top of my web page. It had to happen sooner or later, right? There's an explanation, and a pretty good one (I'm assuming that's what you're looking for, having clicked on the "What's up with this?" link up there).

Anyway, the explanation is this: after I started the "Tip Cup" program, EastwoodI sponsor Matt's '41 Buick project!checked in and, surprisingly, kicked $1.33 into the cup! They mentioned that a regular reader named Pat (thanks, Pat, wherever you are!) let them know how much I use their products and talk about them here. They also gave me an opportunity to make a little money doing things I do anyway, which is using their products and telling you about my experiences. This link thing won't affect which products I use, nor my opinion of them (I hope you'd expect at least that much from me), nor what I tell you about them in my restoration log. If something works, I'll tell you. If it stinks, I'll tell you that, too. And I'll still be buying all the equipment myselfno freebies for me.

So here's the deal: I get a little kickback for every one of you who visits me and then goes to to buy something. The prices are the same, the shipping is the same, the specials are the same; all the kickbacks I get come from Eastwood's side. So you can do me a really big favor by coming here first, clicking the banner, then doing your shopping (which, I presume, you were going to do anyway). 

Now, I'm not nave enough to think this is a philanthropic program Eastwood is running (it's advertising, pure and simple), but we can all help each other: I'll continue to tell you about my experiences (good and bad), you come here before buying stuff that can help you like it helped me, and in return, I get a few pennies to keep the site going and get the Buick done. We all win.

Again, like the Tip Cup, there's no obligation, I don't see who buys what, there's no spyware, no shady stuff going on. You may see some unfamiliar stuff in the status bar when you check these Eastwood links. Don't worrythat's just the system that tells them where the traffic came from and it will forward you to Eastwood's site directly so there aren't any security concerns. It's just a simple tracking link. 

Most of all, thanks very much to all of you who help support this page. I couldn't (and wouldn't) do it without you.

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