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June 10, 2002

The Car-Guy Consortium

I was doing some thinking over the weekend about my projects and my shop requirements and realized that I own 4 cars, two of which are "special" pieces that need to be garaged (my 5.0L Mustang and the Buick). My wife owns a Miata, which isn't exactly a car I feel comfortable about leaving outside, and my daily driver is a new Mazda Protege5, which I hate to leave outside because it's new.

Anyway, Julia and I were discussing our options, especially when the Buick shows up, and realized that we're trying to make 4 cars fit into a 2-car garage. I haven't gotten the Mustang out of winter storage yet because I have nowhere to keep it at the moment, and it's just sitting. And when I start taking the Buick apart, it's going to need a lot more room, maybe more room than I have.

I figured that I can't be the only guy with this problem.

So why not get a group of guys together and lease or buy some shop space somewhere? Sharing the costs will make it affordable, and we can build a great place to store and work on our special cars. We could probably add a lift and some industrial tools like a big air compressor without hitting anyone too hard.

I haven't thought about the details much yet, nor do I even have any idea what such a place would cost, but my experience says that a decent amount of space will probably run $2000-3000/month. There are a lot of vacant warehouses near my office, so maybe someone is hurting enough to want to cut a deal. There's also an old "ZAYRE" store near my house that's been abandoned for 15 years. They have an auto service center attached--I know they'd be willing to deal. So I'm going to start looking around and making some inquiries. I have a few guys at work interested, and I'm going to keep asking around. 10-15 guys with similar interests could be a really good thing.

If you live in the Cleveland area (preferably the east side), drop me an E-mail and let me know you're interested--I'll keep you posted on any progress we make on the project.

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