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December 7, 2002

Shop Renovation Part II


Insulation 2.jpg (123795 bytes)

After 6].jpg (96370 bytes)

This is what I call the "Garden Area." It's basically Julia's side of the garage, as well as where the lawnmower and other yard tools are kept. Julia's Miata lives over here, too. You can see here that I've started insulating the garage with R-13 fiberglass. The pink stuff in the back was some leftover I just had lying around from the basement remodel. I ended up pitching it since it was only R-5.

The garden area still has all the garden implements as well as Julia's flower supplies, but it also houses the new 7 HP, 2-Stage 80-gallon air compressor (woo-hoo!). This seemed like a good place for it, because it is out of the way and not taking up any work space, and even though the compressor isn't very loud, it helps keep noise out of the work areas. With the short Miata in the garage, there's still plenty of room for the lawnmower in front of the compressor. We managed to save a lot of space by hanging things from the walls and ceiling wherever possible.

After 5.jpg (131956 bytes)

After 4.jpg (84350 bytes)

Here's the main work area. The drawer compartments on the wall have mostly new stainless fasteners from Fasco Fastener. I plan on replacing all the hardware on the Buick with stainless (Julia wasn't too thrilled when she found out how much I spent on nuts & bolts). You can also see the track lighting that I installed above the work area. Last look at the work area. The switches control the overhead lights and a pair of overhead fans I plan to install in the spring. I've already run the wiring for them. And any shop is incomplete without a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. Safety first! Also, I don't much like how that flexible conduit looks, so I'll probably replace it with rigid conduit shortly. I got the Buick Service sign from Griot's Garage for about $12.


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