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The Dual Carb Registry

Welcome to the Dual Carb Registry. While not exactly rare, the '41-'42 Buicks are unique in that they are the only Buick straight-8s equipped with the dual carbs. There are dozens of reasons why the dual carbs were not continued after the war: Cadillac complained that Buick had more horsepower, the dual carbs were finicky (not true), the dual carbs used too much gas (well, maybe that's true). So I've decided to start tracking these unique pieces of Buick history. So if you have a Buick with dual carbs, join us! If this grows sufficiently, I'll start a club. Heck, the guys with the '37-'38 cars have a club, why can't we?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

If you have a '41 or '42 Buick with dual carbs (any model), you can see some of the perks and how to join the Dual Carb Registry by clicking here.

Registry No. Owner, Year & Model Photo Links
02-001 Matt Harwood's
'41 Century Sedanette (66S)
Three-quarters_rear.jpg (22869 bytes)
02-002 Jim Keenan's
'41 Century Sedanette (66S)
Photos coming soon
02-003 Bob & Katie Montgomery's
'41 Century Sedan (61)
Montgomery1.jpg (58933 bytes)
02-004 Joe Bettis's
'41 Century Sedanette (66S)
Joe Bettis 23895790 (small).jpg (104416 bytes)
02-005 Joe Bettis's (other)
'41 Century Sedanette (66S)
Joe Bettis14020499 (small).jpg (83263 bytes)
02-006 John Dickerman's
'41 Century Sedanette (66S)
buickbk.jpg (33726 bytes)
02-007 Fred Syrdal's
'41 Century Sedan (61)
Fred Syrdal 1.jpg (113480 bytes)
03-008 Jerry Burger's
'41 Century Sedan (61)
Jerry 41a.jpg (108712 bytes)
03-009 Vince Creisler's
'41 Super Convertible Coupe (56C)
Vinces 41.JPG (59065 bytes)
03-010 Richard Merritt's
'41 Special Sedanette (46S)
RichardMerritt.JPG (152160 bytes)
03-011 Earle Peterson's
'41 Super Convertible Coupe (56C)
Photos coming soon
03-012 Philip Nami's
'41 Roadmaster Sedan (71)
Photos coming soon
03-013 Mark McArdle's
'41 Century Sedan (61)
mcardle2.jpg (36819 bytes)
03-014 Matthew Nethercutt's
'41 Special Sedan (41)
Front Right.JPG (82913 bytes)
03-015 Larry Elrich's
1941 Super Coupe (56S)
Photos coming soon
03-016 Carold Fjelsted's
1941 Super Coupe (56)
Photos coming soon
03-017 Rich & Lori Turner's
1941 Special Sedanette (46SSE)
Turner 2.jpg (107512 bytes)
04-018 L. Robert Moser's
1941 Special Sedanette (46SSE)
Moser_2.jpg (77759 bytes)
04-019 Eric Jehan's
1941 Super
Jehan_2_small.JPG (1780 bytes)

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