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September 18, 2005
0.0 Hours

The Glenmoor Gathering

Finally, an update. Though I haven't really been working on the Buick to any significant degree, I did take a day off from working on Harwood Compound South to attend one of the better shows in our area, the Glenmoor Gathering. Held at a beautiful country club in Canton, Ohio, it is an invitation-only show featuring the best of the best vehicles from all eras. I especially like this show because it brings out what I call the "heavy Classics." Going to local shows, you just don't see any Packards, Duesenbergs, Auburns, etc. I miss seeing those cars, so this one was a big deal for me because it was well-stocked with the most beautiful iron I've seen in years. My friends the Seybolds were also debuting their 1940 Limited convertible sedan (model 81-C), which you can see down below. I wanted to pay them a visit and see the car first hand.

So without further ado, here are the highlights of the show (click thumbnails for larger photos):

Show_Field1.jpg (144135 bytes)
Just a portion of the show field. Beautiful grounds.

Packards are my favorite Classics, and 1934 is by far my favorite year. I hope to someday own a 1934 Packard of some sort, and I was more than thrilled to see that Glenmoor was well-stocked with vintage Packards.

34_Packard5.jpg (171310 bytes) 34_Packard1.jpg (183615 bytes) 34_Packard2.jpg (94544 bytes) 34_Packard3.jpg (139593 bytes) 34_Packard4.jpg (178971 bytes)
The 1934 Packards. All V12s except for the gray/orange convertible sedan.

29_Packard1.jpg (105953 bytes) Darrin1.jpg (87403 bytes) Darrin2.jpg (148424 bytes) Darrin3.jpg (141766 bytes)
A 1929 roadster and a pair of Darrins. The sedan is especially striking.

Packard_AC2.jpg (158100 bytes) Packard_AC1.jpg (153157 bytes) Packard_AC3.jpg (141340 bytes) Packard_AC4.jpg (115171 bytes)
Dig this: a 1940 Packard with factory A/C. Cool!

Duesenberg_J1.jpg (108521 bytes) Duesenberg_J2.jpg (140621 bytes) Duesenberg_J3.jpg (158428 bytes) Duesenberg_SSJ.jpg (145832 bytes)
Duesenbergs are probably the ultimate Classic. They were well-represented
at Glenmoor, including Clark Gable's 1937 SSJ roadster on the right. The
only thing that bothers me--why do restorers always inflict the most bizarre
color schemes on their Duesys? Just because they can?

The brass era was also well-represented at Glenmoor. I love these ancient monsters with 800-cubic-inch motors, chain drive and 48-inch wheels. Imagine hammering down the road in one of these beasts at 80 MPH! Amazing cars.

1907_Thomas_Flyer1.jpg (177969 bytes) 1907_Thomas_Flyer2.jpg (168650 bytes) 1907_Thomas_Flyer4.jpg (174247 bytes)
1907 Thomas Flyer was probably the Ferrari of its day.
Dig the chain drive and massive T-head 6-cylinder with
dual spark plugs and exposed valve train.

1911_Olds3.jpg (137507 bytes) 1911_Olds1.jpg (163230 bytes) 1911_Olds2.jpg (151691 bytes)
1911 Oldsmobile. Talk about massive! For reference,
Julia is 5' 2" tall. That's a BIG car.

RR_Truck1.jpg (117004 bytes) RR_Truck3.jpg (125651 bytes) RR_Truck2.jpg (181478 bytes)
OK, this was probably the coolest car at the show: a 1917
Rolls-Royce pickup truck in 100% unrestored condition. It was
pulled from a barn in 2000 after being in storage for nearly 50
years. I sure wouldn't restore it!

The Europeans were also well-represented. Though I don't know much about most of them, some can be truly beautiful machines. The Talbot-Lago is as close to "automobile as art" as you can get. And a Ferrari Lusso is about the best-looking early Ferrari there is as far as I'm concerned.

Talbot-Lago1.jpg (82036 bytes) Talbot-Lago2.jpg (115011 bytes)
1937 Talbot-Lago with body by Figoni et Falaschi.

Alfa_SuperSport.jpg (108903 bytes) Bugatti.jpg (170125 bytes) Lusso.jpg (160718 bytes)
Alfa-Romeo SuperSport coupe looked very sleek. Bugatti
tourer had racing history and the Ferrari Lusso, thankfully
not red.

Seybold_Limited1.jpg (111430 bytes) Seybold_Limited2.jpg (126209 bytes) Seybold_Limited3.jpg (120751 bytes) Seybold_Limited4.jpg (142440 bytes) Seybold_Limited5.jpg (128224 bytes)
OK, here it is: Doug Seybold's 1940 Buick Limited convertible sedan. They just
finished it in time for the show. Resplendent in its Sequoia Cream with black top and
red leather interior. This is about as nice as cars get (as you can tell from the 1st place
ribbon on the windshield), and every single surface has been polished to a mirror 
shine, top and bottom. Perfection. You may recall what this car looked like 2 years
ago right before they started:

40_Limited_Convertible.jpg (41859 bytes)

And for an update of another sort, here's Harwood Compound South. The exterior is just about done and we've started hanging new drywall inside. The plumbers are done, the new windows are in, and we're moving to the next stage. I'm still aiming to have the place on the market before Thanksgiving, and yes, it will be paying for a new engine in the Buick this winter--I'll show you all of that process. Compare this photo to the one in the last entry and see how far we've come! 

Sorry about the lack of updates, but this house will make the restoration easier in the near future.

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