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November 23, 2004
2.5 Hours

Trunk Work Part 9

I finally got my sandblaster last Friday and gave it a try on Sunday. And I failed. Apparently the sand I was using was too coarse and it was clogging the blaster. It is a cheap unit (well, it uses cheap parts, anyway) and one of the ball valves broke almost immediately. Unfortunately, it was an oddball 3/8" size, and finding another one was a story in itself involving Home Depot, security guards and a police car, but that's a story for another time. I picked up some ultra-fine sand, sifted it and loaded up the blaster. After some fiddling with the mixing valve and turning the pressure down to 80 PSI, it was good to go. I probably would have lost my mind if I had failed again.

Blasted brace was rough, but mostly solid.

I treated the bare, pitted metal with Picklex-20. I also noticed a few holes in the brace and welded them closed, cut off some hanging pieces of sheet metal and remaining spot welds and ground down a few rough spots. Then I took a hammer and dolly and straightened the flange around the edge.

I welded up some areas and ground them smooth.

The last step was painting the inside of the brace with Zero-Rust. Since it will be enclosed by the trunk floor, this is my only chance to protect it. With any luck, there won't be any problems in the future. I also had a broken-off bolt in the brace that I had to deal with before painting it and sealing it up. Once again I successfully used my weld-a-nut-onto-the-broken-stub-of-the-screw trick to remove the offending bolt. 

I painted the inside of the brace with
black Zero-Rust.

Next I'll install the brace and start recreating the floor on top of it and hopefully get the trunk area finished over the holiday weekend. I also have to say that it's really nice to be able to work outside in shirt sleeves two days before Thanksgiving--in Cleveland!

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