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Rotisserie Construction

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We're in the home stretch now. I finished all the welding, attached the wheels, added a few gussets here and there, and drilled a lot of holes for adjusting the fit and angle. I used a drill press to accurately drill some holes in the rotator pin for locking it in position. I also added quite a few "lock bolts" in the pin, the the height adjuster and the body mounting brackets. While I don't trust these bolts alone to hold the body in position, they can certainly supplement the pins I'll be adding and will hold it in position while the pins are installed. Properly tightened, they seem to hold everything very solidly. Consider the pins safety insurance.

Rotator Pin 1.jpg (57663 bytes)
I drilled holes in the rotator pin for a pin to hold it at 0, 45 and 90 degrees.
Use a drill press for this process to ensure straight holes that line up properly.

Also note the welded nuts for the "lock bolts" which are 1/2"-13 x 3/4" stainless.

Finished Stand 1.jpg (100797 bytes)
Finished stand. Cosmo (black) and Lily (with scarf) liked to be
around during welding, so I had to be careful to lock them up whenever
I struck a spark to protect their eyes. Remember this if you have kids
or pets...

Then I painted the stands. I prepped the surfaces by sanding them with my DA sander, then wiped it down with solvent to eliminate any oils or leftover WD-40 from the drilling processes. I used the same Rustoleum epoxy I used on the buffer stand. You'll also note that I brushed it on--after finding out what a hassle the paint gun is to clean, I'm not really in the mood to use it unless absolutely necessary. I think it looks pretty good nonetheless...

Painted Stand 1.jpg (71920 bytes)
Looks good in black, doesn't it?

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