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This is a collection of articles I have written on auto restoration and published in a variety of places. These are different from the "Spinning My Tires" editorials and are more technically-oriented than the regular restoration log entries. I hope that they will help enthusiasts of all makes and models who are attempting to find and restore an old vehicle.

As always, please E-mail me with comments. Enjoy!

Auto Restoration for Amateurs series (originally published in the Buick Bugle magazine):

  • Part One: Introduction. My restoration philosophy and some specifics about my project.

  • Part Two: Getting started and disassembly techniques.

  • Part Three: Stripping & Cleaning Parts. How to prepare parts for refinishing.

  • Part Four: Paints & Coatings. Refinish all those little parts.

  • Part Five: Rust repair & patch panels. The right and wrong ways to repair rusty sheet metal.


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